Hate Forest

Hate Forest wis a Ukrainian Naitional Socialist black metal[1][2] baund formed bi Roman Sayenko, the leadin member o Drudkh, Dark Ages, an Blood of Kingu. Thurios joined the baund in 1998 efter the recordin o "Scythia". The muisic is maistly vera fast, but occasionally also slow, wi law, distortit vocals an daurk ambient elements (some releases hae consistit entirely o daurk ambient tracks). The baund never gave interviews, never released photos, an held their distance frae the black metal scene. Efter Hate Forest disbandit Sayenko focused on Blood of Kingu, a baund similar in style but o different inspiration.


Umwhile membersEedit

  • Khaoth - drums (for live performance, 2001)
  • Alzeth - guitar (1998-1999)


  • Scythia Full- length, 1999
  • Darkness EP, 2000
  • The Curse Demo, 2000
  • The Most Ancient Ones Full-length, 2001
  • Blood & Fire EP, 2001
  • Ritual EP, 2001
  • The Gates Full-length, 2001
  • Blood & Fire/Ritual Compilation, 2001
  • To Those Who Came Before Us EP, 2002
  • Purity Full-length, 2003
  • To Twilight Thickets Compilation, 2003
  • Battlefields Full-length, 2003
  • Resistance EP, 2004
  • Sorrow Full-length, 2005
  • Nietzscheism Compilation, 2005
  • Temple Forest Demo, 2007 (recordit in 2000, appeared as a part o "To Twilight Thickets", released in 2007 as a stand-alone demo)
  • Grief Of The Universe/Spinning Galaxies Split EP wi Legion Of Doom, 2008
  • Dead But Dreaming Compilation, 2009
  • Those Once Mighty Fallen Split with Ildjarn, 2013

External linksEedit

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