The gulsoch, gulsa, or jandies is a illness. It kythes as a yellaein o the skin. Fowk that haes it haes a problem wi the richt disposin o deid reid bluid cells. The disease is common in newly-born babbies. It for ordinar stairts on the seicont day efter birth.

SynonymsGulsoch, Gulsa, Icterus
Jandies o the skin caused bi hepatic failyie
SpecialtyGastroenterology, hepatology, general surgery
SymptomsYellaeish coloration o skin an whites o the een, pruritis[1][2]
CausesHeich bilirubin levels[2]
Diagnostic methodBluid bilirubin, liver panel[2]
Seemilar condeetionsCarotenemia, takkin rifampin[3]
TreatmentBased on the unnerleein cause[4]

The gulsoch can be a eftercast o ither illnesses, lik Malaria, Hepatitis, or gawstanes an aw.

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