Gulripsh Destrict

Gulripsh Destrict (Georgie: გულრიფშის რაიონი, Abkhaz: Гәылрыҧшь араион) is a destrict o Abkhazie, Georgie’s breakawa republic. It corresponds tae the eponymous Georgie destrict. Its capital is Gulripsh, the toun bi the same name. Till the August 2008 Battle o the Kodori Valley, the north-eastren pairt o Gulripsh destrict wis pairt o Upper Abkhazie, the corner o Abkhazie controlled bi Georgie till the Battle o the Kodori Valley durin the August 2008 Sooth Ossetie War. Upper Abkhazie wis hame tae 1,956 o the destrict's 19,918 inhabitants, maist o whom wur ethnic Svans (a subgroub o the Georgie fowk).[2] Maist o these fled afore the battle an hae not yet returned.

Gulripsh Destrict

Гәылрыҧшь араион
გულრიფშის რაიონი
Dranda Cathedral is ane o the auldest in Abkhazie
Dranda Cathedral is ane o the auldest in Abkhazie
Location o Gulripsh Destrict in Abkhazie
Location o Gulripsh Destrict in Abkhazie
Kintra Georgie
Independent state Abkhazie[1]
 • GovrenorTimur Eshba
 • Total1835 km2 (708 sq mi)
 • Total19,918
 • Density11/km2 (28/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+3 (MSK)

O note is the Dranda Cathedral sittin ower a shrine built bi Justinian in 551. The medieval principality o Dal-Tsabal wis centered in the destrict. Abkhazia's main airport, Sukhumi Babushara Airport, is locatit in Gulripsh Destrict an aw.


On 18 Dizember 2002, Preses Ardzinba released Adgur Kharazia as Admeenistration Heid an appointit him as Meenister for Agricultur an Fuid.[3]

On 16 Juin 2003, President Ardzinba appointed Tamaz Gogia as Admeenistration Heid.[4] In the beginnin o 2004, Destrict offeecials stayed awa frae wirk in protest o wha they perceivit as rudeness frae Gogia. In response, Gogia appleed for resignation which Preses Ardzinba acquestit tae on 10 Februar.[5]

On 24 Mairch 2005, newly electit Preses Sergei Bagapsh replacit Admeenistration Heid Aslan Baratelia wi Mikhail Logua.[6] In the 2011 Presidential election, Logua successfully ran for Vice Preses alangside Alexander Ankvab. He wis succeedit on 14 Dizember bi Timur Eshba, who haed previously been Deputy Heid.[7]

Leet o heids o the admeenistrationEedit

# Name Frae Till Preses Comments
Adgur Kharazia 1993 [8] 26 November 1994
26 November 1994 18 Dizember 2002 [3] Vladislav Ardzinba
Tamaz Gogia 16 Juin 2003 [4] 10 Februar 2004 [5]
Aslan Baratelia Februar 2004 24 Mairch 2005 [6]
Mikhail Logua 24 Mairch 2005 [6] 29 Mey 2011 Sergei Bagapsh
29 Mey 2011 26 September 2011 Alexander Ankvab
Timur Eshba 14 Dizember 2011 [7] Present


Accordin tae 2003 census, the population o the destrict includit:[2]

  • Armenies (47.5%)
  • Abkhaz (24.5%)
  • Georgies (13.7%)
  • Roushies (12.1%)
  • Greeks (0.6%)


The destrict's main dounsets are:

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  1. Abkhazie is the subject o a territorial dispute atween the Republic o Abkhazie and the Republic o Georgie. The Republic o Abkhazie unilaterally say unthirldom on 23 Julie 1992, bit Georgie continues tae claim it as pairt o tis own sovereign territory. Abkhazie haes received formal recognition as an unthirlit and frae state fae 7 oot o 193 Unitit Naitions member states (wi 1 later withdrawal).

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