Great Seal o the Unitit States

The Great Seal o the Unitit States is uised tae authenticate certain documents issued bi the Unitit States federal govrenment. The phrase is uised baith for the pheesical seal itsel (which is kept bi the Unitit States Secretary o State), an mair generally for the design impressed upon it. The Great Seal wis first uised publicly in 1782.

Front side o the Seal
Reverse o the Seal

The obverse o the great seal is uised as the naitional coat o airms o the Unitit States.[1] It is offeecially uised on documents such as Unitit States passports, military insignie, embassy placards, an various banners. As a coat o airms, the design haes offeecial colors; the pheesical Great Seal itsel, as affixed tae paper, is monochrome.

Syne 1935, baith sides o the Great Seal hae appeared on the reverse o the ane-dollar bill. The Seal o the Preses o the Unitit States is directly based on the Great Seal, an its elements are uised in numerous govrenment agency an state seals.


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