Great Fire o Lunnon

The Great Fire o Lunnon wis a major fire that soopit throu the central pairts o the Inglis ceety o Lunnon frae Sunday, 2 September tae Wadensday, 5 September 1666.[1] The fire guttit the medieval Ceety o Lunnon inside the auld Roman ceety waw.

The Great Fire o Lunnon bi an unkent penter, depictin the fire as it wad hae appeared on the evenin o Tysday, 4 September 1666 frae a boat in the vicinity o Touer Wharf. The Touer o Lunnon is on the richt an Lunnon Brig on the left, wi St Paul's Cathedral in the distance, surroondit bi the tawest flams.


  1. Aw dates are gien accordin tae the Julian calendar. Note that, when recordin Breetish history, it is uisual tae uise the dates recordit at the time o the event. Ony dates atween 1 Januar an 25 Mairch hae thair year adjuistit tae stairt on 1 Januar accordin tae the New Style.

Coordinates: 51°30′57″N 0°05′32″W / 51.5157°N 0.0921°W / 51.5157; -0.0921