Glesga Central station

Glesga Central (Scots Gaelic: Glaschu Mheadhain)[2] is the lairger ane o the twa praisent main-line railwey terminals in Glesga, the maist biggest ceety in Scotland. It is Scotland's maist thrang train station wi nearhaund 33 million fowk traivelin throu hit baith incomin an ootgaun. Thir feigures wis taen frae The ORR (The Office o Rail an Road) for the year 2019-2020.

Glesga Central National Rail
Inby Glesga Central, luikin north east ower the main concourse
Local authorityGlesga Cietie Cooncil
Coordinates55°51′29″N 4°15′29″W / 55.858°N 4.258°W / 55.858; -4.258Coordinates: 55°51′29″N 4°15′29″W / 55.858°N 4.258°W / 55.858; -4.258
Grid referenceNS586651
Station codeGLC
Managed biNetwark Rail
Nummer o platforms17 (2 in the laich level)
Live arrivals/departurs, station information an onwart connections
frae National Rail Enquiries
Annual rail passenger uissage*
2002/03 22.958 million
2004/05Increase 27.006 million
2005/06Increase 29.380 million
2006/07Decrease 21.002 million
2007/08Increase 21.553 million
2008/09Increase 23.868 million
2009/10Decrease 23.810 million
2010/11Increase 24.951 million
2011/12Increase 26.610 million
2012/13Increase 27.185 million
Passenger Transport Executive
1 August 1879Hiech Level Station appent[1]
10 August 1896Law Level Station appent[1]
1901–1905Hiech Level Station rebiggit
5 October 1964Law Level Station shut[1]
Mey 1974Stairt o the "Electric Scot" services tae Lunnon Euston
5 November 1979Reopenin o the Law Level Station as pairt o the Argyle Line[1]
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* Annual estimatit passenger uissage based on sales o tickets in statit financial year(s) that end or oreeginate at Glesga Central frae Office of Rail and Road statistics. Methodology mey vary year on year.
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Heistory an afore Glesga Central eedit

In the 1840's Glesga haen a main Train terminal at Bridge Street at wes be-sooth the River Clyde. The Terminal wes run by twa Companies.The tane wes cryed the Glesga, Paisley, Kilmaurnock an Ayrshire Railwey Company (GPK&A). The tither wes cryed the Glesga, Paisley an Greenock Railwey Company (GP&G). In 1847 The GP&G jyned wi the Caledonian Railwey Company an in 1850 the GPK&A jyned thegither wi anither company for tae mak the Glesga an Sooth Wastren Railwey Company.

Wi the growthe Glesga i the 1860's the twa companies haed need o a lairger station at wes mair central tae the heid o the toun. Houanivir thon wad hae needit a crossin ower the Clyde, an sic a propone wes strangly contered bi the Clyde Navigational Trust ower the heid o hit stemmin trade on the Clyde. For some 25 year baith this diefficulties an the twa rival companies castin oot wi ither wad block onie norrie o sic a new staition be-north the Clyde. The population o Glesga wes growin swithlike an the Brig Street Rail Terminal cudna cope wi sic a rise in passengers, sicwyce the Glesga an Sooth Wastren Raillwey Company upbiggit St Enochs Station bi thairsels. This wad lea the Brig Street Terminal juist wi the owerins o Caledonian Railweys thair lane. At lang an lenth in 1873 leve wes gien tae the Caledonian Railwey Company for tae upbigg whit is kent nouadays as Glesga Central Station on Gordon Street Glesga. (Aforehaund kent as Gordon Street Station).

Thare wis a orieginal plan for tae hae a upper railwey deck on the awreddies existin Jamaica Brig, sib in model tae the Hie level Brig in Newcastle, England. Houanivir, thae plans wis chynged in 1875 tae mak a sel-staundin brig an tae realign the track forbye. The new Brig wis biggit bi Sir William Arrol, that wad becum a kenspeckle nemm anent his biggin o the Forth Rail Brig efterhaund. Glesga Central wes opent wi echt platform in 1879 an wes costit at aboot £2,000,000.

Laich Level Station eedit

Wi aye mair guids incomin frae the shipyairds an docks in Glesga it wes proponed for tae bigg a elevated railwey abuin the streets, the selsame as the anes in New York, USA. It wes thocht at thon wad be cheaper nor howkin tunnels, aatho it wad maist like spyle the leuk o the toun. Sicna elevated railwey wad gang ower Argyll Street an throu Central Station. The heid anes o Glesga houanivir pit the hems on sic a plan in favour o the Glesga Central Railwey Company, that wad in its steid hae it rin unner the ciety an gie us Glesga Central Laich Level Station at wes itsel opent in 1896. At first the Laich Level platform wes consiedered it's ain station wi twa sindrie islands addit for tae serve the unnergrund trains o the Glesga Central Railwey.

The Muckle Expansion eedit

Passenger nummers suin owertuik Glesga Central Station an a nint platform wes addit, houivir, this wes temporar an atween 1899 an 1905 the Station wes gien a muckle expansion at taen in frae nine tae thriteen platform. The wark wes taen on bi architect James Miller an gaed ower Argyll Street wi a new front at Hope Street. The expansion keepit the orieginal ruif but luit the new station hae airched airnwark raither nor the tradietional horizontal airnwark o the orieginal ruif.

The laich level platforms wis nou connectit tae the main hie level Station, an a new brig wes biggit an aw, at wes tae cairy echt mair tracks. Wi the fienish o the expansionin 1905 Caledonian Railwey haed decidit tae shut doun the auld Brig Street Station be-sooth the Clyde. For the feck o the 20t century juist smaw cheynges wis made til Central Station.

The laich level station wes shutten doun in 1964, syne efterhaund re-opent agane in 1979 for the suburban Argyll Line, wi new redisigned passageweys. 1966 wes the year Glesga Central Station wes modrenised. Alang wi maist o the Stations ornamentations bein remuived, the station knock haen its wrocht airn cheynged til plastic panellin. A split new ticket office wes addit an aw, an bi 1980 the manual train depairtur buirds haed been gotten shot o, an dot matrix screens uised in room o thaim.

Refurbishin an Modrenisation eedit

The praisent awners o Glesga Central Station Network Rail ontaen a program o regeneration in the 1990's at haen thaim ware £80m for tae refurbish the ruif riggin, the glazed screens an big a wheen new biggins forbye tae haud wi the orieginal James Miller structurs, thay teuk on a reddup o the Heilanmans Umbrella an aa. The dot matrix screens at wis pitten up i the 1980's wis cheynged oot for L.E.D anes, an the upper restaraunt bit wes gien a redd up an aw.

In 2009 The Paisley Corridoor Impruivment projeck gien us twa new tracks an a brig deck forbye. Forby, twa new platforms wis biggit in room o the short stey caur pairk. New owerheid weirs wis eikit abuin the tracks, an new signallin wis instaaed forbye. 2014 wes the year o The Commonwalth Gemms in Glesga an mair refurbishment wes ontaen in Central Station for tae haud wi sic a event. Sicna warks at wis duin wis the redd up the Union Street Ingang, the Laich Level station, the main concoorse washrooms an the inpittin o flouerd airnwirk for tae add til the orieginal Station design.

References eedit

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Soorces eedit

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