Coordinates: 55°48′18″N 4°17′41″W / 55.805109°N 4.294610°W / 55.805109; -4.294610Giffnock is a sma toun seetuatit in East Renfrewshire, Scotland juist sooth o Glesga. It furms pairt o Greater Glesga an had a population o 16,178 as o the 2001 census. Maist o Giffnock's indwallers wark in Glesga but the toun dis hae local companies an aw- masitly locatit on Fenwick Road whit is the main gate that gaes throu the toun. The aurie haes twa primary schuils- Braibar Primary Schuil an Giffnock Primary Schuil an the heich schuil for maist fowk in Giffnock is Woodfarm Heich Schuil. Some o the maist kent pynts in the toun are Giffnock Library an Giffnock Railway Station whilk are baith locatit on Station Road juist aff Fenwick Road. Giffnock haes monie kirks an severals Boys' Brigade Companies an aw.

Giffnock, East Renfrewshire