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Francis I (French: François Ier) (12 September 1494 – 31 Mairch 1547) wis the first Keeng o Fraunce frae the Angouleme branch o the Hoose o Valois, reignin frae 1515 till his daith.

Francis I
Keeng o Fraunce
Ring 1 Januar 1515 – 31 Mairch 1547
Coronation 25 Januar 1515
Predecessor Louis XII
Successor Henry II
Born 12 September 1494(1494-09-12)
Château de Cognac, Fraunce
Dee'd 31 Mairch 1547(1547-03-31) (aged 52)
Château de Rambouillet, Fraunce
Buirial Saunt Denis Basilica, Fraunce
Consort Claude, Duchess o Brittany
Eleanor o Austrick
amang ithers...
Francis III, Duke o Brittany
Henry II o Fraunce
Madeleine, Queen o Scots
Charles, Duke o Orléans
Margaret, Duchess o Savoy
Hoose Valois (Angoulême branch)
Faither Charles, Coont o Angoulême
Mither Louise o Savoy
Releegion Roman Catholicism
Seegnatur Francis I's signature