François Gaston de Lévis, Duke o Lévis

François Gaston de Lévis, Duke o Lévis (20 August 1719 – 20 November 1787), styled as the Chevalier de Lévis until 1785, was a French noble an created a Marshal o Fraunce bi Louis XVI in 1783 HYe wis also inherited the dukedom the next year. he wis Governor o Artois. He wis the 1st Duke o Lévis frae 1785-1787. He wis also known as the Maréchal de Lévis.

François Gaston de Lévis
Duke o Lévis
Le maréchal de Lévis, par E. Trochsler, Musée du château Ramezay.jpg
Full name
François Gaston de Lévis
Born20 August 1719
Dee'd26 November 1787 (aged 68)
arras, Fraunce
Spoose(s)Gabrielle Augustine Michel
FaitherJean de Lévis, Lord o Ajac
MitherJeanne de Maguelonne
Seegnatur1786 signature of the Maréchal-Duke of Lévis.jpg
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In 1760, he mairit Gabrielle Augustine Michel (1744-1794), dochter o Gabriel Michel, a member of the minor nobility. They haed 4 childer.


  1. Pierre Marc Gaston de Lévis, Duke o Lévis (7 Mairch 1764 - 15 Februar 1830) mairit Pauline d'Ennery.
  2. Marie Gabrielle de Lévis (1765-1794)
  3. Henriette Françoise de Lévis (1767)
  4. Gabrielle Augustine Françoise de Lévis (1762)

Titles an stylesEedit

  • 20 August 1719 - 1785 Chevalier de Lévis.
  • 1785 - 26 November 1787 The Duke o Lévis.

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