Fowk on Clydesdale Bank notes

Thir is the fowk on Clydesdale Bank notes, denominatit in poonds sterling:

Five poond noteEedit

Robert Burns, the makar, wi a field-moose an wull rose, promptit bi twa o his maist weel-likit poems, 'To a Mouse' an 'A Red, Red Rose'.

Ten poond noteEedit

Mary Slessor, the missionary tae Wast Africae. Thare is an illustration o Slessor's wark in Calabar (Nigerie) includin a cairt o the aurie an a lithographic vignette shawin her wark wi bairn.

Twintie poond noteEedit

Robert the Bruce, a Scots warrior an King, that successfully focht tae free Scotland fae the Inglis King. On the rear o this note is a representation o the statue tae Robert the Bruce at Bannockburn (the steid o a defeat o the airmie o King Edward I o Ingland in 1314), the Monymusk reliquary, Stirling Castle an the moniment tae William Wallace. The Clydesdale Bank haes forbye makkit a commemorative £20 note tae merk the Commonweel Heids o Govrenment forgaitherin in Edinburgh in October 1997. On the hintside is shawn the Edinburgh Internaitional Conference Centre whaur the forgaitherin wis hauden an the naurby Clydesdale Bank Plaza.

In 1999, for tae merk Glesca's foys as UK Ceity o Architecture an Design, Clydesdale Bank issued a £20 wi a limn o Alexander "Greek" Thomson, ane o the ceity's weel-kent airchitects. On the hintside o the note is a drawn picter o the "Lichthoose" biggin designed bi anither Glesca airchitect, Charles Rennie Mackintosh, alang wi a representation o the dome in Holmwid Hoose, anither ensaumple o "Greek" Thomson's wark.

Fiftie poond noteEedit

Adam Smith, the economist an owthor o The Wealth of Nations. On the hintside is a montage o aichteent centurie ingineerin an agricultural warkins wi Kirkcaedy Herbour in the backgrund.

Ae hundert poond noteEedit

Laird Kelvin, the resaircher an clecker. He is shawn wi the bettered mariner's airt whilk he cleckit an a cairt wi the wey o the first commercially sonsefu transatlantic cable; Laird Kelvin wis the ingineer in chairge o the project. On the hintside o the note is his varsity lectur room.