Forth Road Brig

The Forth Road Brig is a suspension brig in east central Scotland. The brig, appened on the 4t September 1964,[3] spans the Firth o Forth, connectin the caipital ceety Edinburgh, at Sooth Queensferry, tae Fife, at North Queensferry. It replaced a centuries-auld ferry service tae cairry vehicular traffic, cyclists, an pedestrians athort the Forth; rail crossins is made bi the adjacent an historic Forth Brig.

Forth Road Brig
The Forth Road Brig, Edinburgh, Scotland
Coordinates56°0′3.329″N 3°24′14.87″W / 56.00092472°N 3.4041306°W / 56.00092472; -3.4041306Coordinates: 56°0′3.329″N 3°24′14.87″W / 56.00092472°N 3.4041306°W / 56.00092472; -3.4041306
CarriesMotor vehicles
(A90 road)
(National Cycle Route 1)
CrossesFirth o Forth
LocaleEdinburgh, Inchgarvie an Fife, Scotland
Offeecial nameForth Road Brig
Mainteened biForth Estuary Transport Authority
DesignSuspension brig
Tot lenth2,512 metre (8,241 ft)[1]
Width33 m (108 ft) Dual twa-lane carriageway, twa cycle/fitpaths[1]
Langest span1,006 metre (3,301 ft)[1]
Clearance ablo44.3 m (145 ft)[1]
Constructit biSir William Arrol & Co., Cleveland Bridge & Engineering Company an Dorman Long
Opened4 September 1964
Daily traffic65,000 vpd (2012 figurs)[2]
TollFree syne 11 Februar 2008
Forth Road Brig is located in Scotland
Forth Road Brig


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