Ford flatheid V8 ingine

(Reguidit frae Ford flathead V8 engine)

The Ford flathead V8 (eften cried simply the Ford flathead, flathead Ford, or flatty when the context is implicit, sic as in het-rodding) is a V8 ingine o the valve-in-block teep designed bi the Ford Motor Company an biggit bi Ford an various licensees. During the ingine's first decade o production, when owerheid-valve engines war rare, it wis uisually kent simply as the Ford V‑8, an the first car model in which it wis installed, the Model 18, wis (an still is) eften cried simply the "Ford V‑8", efter its new ingine. Awtho the V8 configuration wis nae new when the Ford V8 wis introduced in 1932, the latter wis a mercat first in the respect that it made an 8-cylinder affordable an a V ingine affordable tae the emerging mass mercat consumer for the first time. It wis the first independently designed an biggit V8 ingine produced bi Ford for mass production, an it ranks as ane o the company's maist important developments. A fascination wi ever-mair-powerful engines wis aiblins the maist salient aspect o the American car an truck mercat for a hauf century, frae 1923 until 1973. The Ford flathead V8 wis perfectly in tune wi the cultural moment o its introduction, leadin the wey intae a future o which the Ford company wis a principal architect. Sicweys it became a phenomenal success. The ingine design, wi various changes but no major ones, wis installed in Ford passenger cars an trucks until 1953, makin the ingine's 21-year production run for the U.S. consumer mercat langer than the 19-year run o the Ford Model T ingine for that mercat. The ingine wis on Ward's leet o the 10 best engines o the 20t century. It wis a staple o het rodders in the 1950s, an it remains famous in the classic car hobbies even the day, despite the huge variety o ither popular V8s that followed.