Ford Orion

The Ford Orion is a saloon caur biggit bi the automaker Ford for the European mercat frae 22 Julie 1983 till 19 September 1993. A tot o 534,239 Orions wur sauld throughoot the caur's 10-year life.

Ford Orion
Ford Orion front 20071031.jpg
ManufacturerFord Motor Company
Production1983 — 1993
AssemblyHalewood, UK
Saarlouis, Germany[1]
Almussafes, Valencia, Spain[2]
General Pacheco, Buenos Aires
Valencia, Venezuela
Bouk an chassis
ClessSmall family car
Body style4-door saloon
RelatitFord Escort
Ford Verona
Ingine1296 cc OHV "Valencia/HCS" Straight-4
1296 cc OHC "CVH" Straight-4
1596 cc OHC "CVH" Straight-4
1753 cc OHC "Endura-D" Straight-4 Diesel
TransmissionFord BC4 4-speed manual
Ford BC5 5-speed manual
Ford ATX 3-speed automatic
PredecessorFord Escort (1968-80)
Ford Cortina
SuccessorFord Escort Saloon (1993)

The Orion is based on the Ford Escort, but at the back, insteid o the Escort's hatchback, the Orion features a separate trunk / boot. Visually the Orion's notch-back rear end an greater rear overhang mak it readily distinguishable frae its better sellin sibling.

Interniational variantsEedit

The Brazilian Ford Verona wis seemilar tae the Orion (the 1993 model wis identical, except for the bootlid badge), but it uised the Ford CHT ingine pouer unit in place o the CVH an Zetec installed in the Orion.

Ither Ford OrionsEedit

  • The 2008 model o the muckle rear-wheel drive Ford Falcon FG in Australie, the FG, wis code-named 'Orion'.
  • The Orion name wis uised in New Zealand for the seicont generation Ford Telstar, when sauld alangside the replacement third generation Telstar range.
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