Flora Fraser, 21st Leddy Saltoun

Marjorie Flora Fraser, 21st Leddy Saltoun[fn 1][1] (born 18 October 1930) is a Scots peer.

The Leddy Saltoun
BornMarjorie Flora Fraser
(1930-10-18) 18 October 1930 (age 92)
Edinburgh, Scotland
HeirKatharine Fraser
Spoose(s)Alexander Ramsay o Mar
(m. 1956; his daith 2000)
IssueKatharine Fraser, Mistress o Saltoun
Hon. Alice Ramsay
Hon. Elizabeth Ramsay
ParentsAlexander Fraser, 20t Laird Saltoun
Dorothy Geraldine Welby


  1. It haes recently been determined that Margaret Abernethy succeedit her brither, Alexander Abernethy, 9t Laird Saltoun, in 1668, but anerly survived him bi aboot 6 weeks an haed nae previously been coontit in the teetle's nummerin. This new information haes resultit in the ordinals in subsequent Saltoun Lairds bein revised. As a result, Flora Fraser is whiles leetit as the 20t Leddy Saltoun.


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Peerage o Scotland
Precedit bi
Alexander Fraser
Lairdship o Saltoun
The Mistress o Saltoun