FIFA Confederations Cup

The FIFA Confederations Cup is an internaitional association fitbaa toornament for naitional teams, currently held every fower years bi FIFA. It is contestit bi the haulders o each o the sax FIFA confederation championships (UEFA, CONMEBOL, CONCACAF, CAF, AFC, OFC), alang wi the FIFA Warld Cup haulder an the host naition, tae bring the nummer o teams up tae aicht.

FIFA Confederations Cup
FIFA Confederations Cup.png
Foondit1992; 28 years ago (1992)
RegionInternaitional (FIFA)
Nummer o teams8 (frae 6 confederations)
Current champions Germany (1st teetle)
Maist successfu team(s) Brazil (4 teetles)
WabsteidOffeecial wabsteid
2021 FIFA Confederations Cup