Fútbol Club Barcelona "C" was a Spaingie fitbaw team that fauldit on 2 Julie 2007. The youth team o FC Barcelona, it played hame gemmes at the Mini Estadi.

Barcelona C
Full nameFútbol Club Barcelona C
Dissolved2 Julie 2007
GroundMini Estadi
Barcelona, Catalonie
Ground Capacity15,276
ChairmanJoan Laporta
ManagerJuan Carlos Rojo
League3ª – Group 5
2006–073ª – Group 5, 13t

Foondit in 1967 as Barcelona Amateur, it adoptit the name FC Barcelona C in 1993. Unlike the Inglis League, youth teams in Spain play in the same fitbaw pyramid as their senior team rather than a separate league. Housomeivver youth an reserve teams canna play in the same diveesion as their senior teams.

FC Barcelona C last played in the fowert diveesion. They wur ineligible for promotion tae the third level, as FC Barcelona B wur playin in that category. Club preses Joan Laporta chose no inscribe the team in Primera Catalana for 2007–08, efter the B team droppit tae the fowert level.[1]



Saison tae saison

Season Diveesion Place Copa del Rey
from 69–70 Regional
to 76–77 Regional
1977/78 5t
1978/79 6t
1979/80 5t
1980/81 5t
1981/82 4t
1982/83 9t
1983/84 1st
1984/85 2ªB 16t
1985/86 2ªB 19t
1986/87 1st
1987/88 2ªB 9t
1988/89 2ªB 11t
1989/90 2nt
1990/91 8t
Season Diveesion Place Copa del Rey
1991/92 5t
1992/93 11t
1993/94 3rd
1994/95 3rd
1995/96 2ªB 19t
1996/97 2nt
1997/98 1st
1998/99 9t
1999/00 9t
2000/01 5t
2001/02 7t
2002/03 5t
2003/04 9t
2004/05 15t
2005/06 14t
2006/07 13t

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