El Paso (/ɛlˈpæs/; frae Spainyie, 'the pass') is the coonty seat o El Paso Cointy, Texas, Unitit States, an lies in far Wast Texas.

El Paso, Texas
Ceety o El Paso
El Paso skyline frae the north
El Paso skyline frae the north
Banner o El Paso, Texas
El Chuco[1]
Location in El Paso Coonty an the state o Texas
Location in El Paso Coonty an the state o Texas
El Paso is located in the Unitit States
El Paso
El Paso
Location in the Unitit States o Americae
Coordinates: 31°47′25″N 106°25′24″W / 31.79028°N 106.42333°W / 31.79028; -106.42333
KintraUnitit States
CoontyEl Paso
Metropolitan AurieEl Paso–Coonty
 • MayorOscar Leeser[2]
 • Ceety ManagerJoyce Wilson
 • Ceety663.7 km2 (256.3 sq mi)
 • Laund661.1 km2 (255.3 sq mi)
 • Water2.6 km2 (1.0 sq mi)
1140 m (3740 ft)
 (2012 est.[3])
 • Ceety672,538 (US: 19t)
 • Metro
830,735 (US: 67t)
1,045,180 (El Paso-Las Cruces CSA)
Time zoneUTC-7 (MST)
 • Summer (DST)UTC-6 (MDT)
ZIP codes
88500-88599 (PO Boxes)
Area code(s)915
FIPS code48-24000
GNIS featur ID1380946[4]

As o the 2010 census, the ceety's population wis 649,121.[3] El Paso is the 19t maist populous ceety in the Unitit States an the saxt maist populous ceety in the state o Texas. Its metropolitan aurie covers aw o El Paso Coonty, whose population in 2010 wis 800,647.[3] The El Paso MSA fairms pairt o the lairger El Paso – Las Cruces combined stateestical aurie, wi a tot population o 1,013,356 as o the 2010 Census.

El Paso staunds on the Rio Grande (Río Bravo del Norte), athort the border frae Juárez, Chihuahua, Mexico. The twa ceeties fairm a combined internaitional metropolitan aurie, sometimes cried the Paso del Norte or El Paso–Juárez, wi Juárez bein the significantly lairger o the twa in population. Thay hae a combined population o 3 million, twa-thirds o thaim bidin in Juárez. In 2010, El Paso wis awairdit an Aw-Americae Ceety Awaird, the auldest community-recogneetion program in the Unitit States.

El Paso is hame tae the Varsity o Texas at El Paso (foondit in 1914 as the Texas State Schuil o Mines an Metallurgy, an later, Texas Wastren College; its current name dates frae 1967). El Paso is hame tae the Texas Tech Varsity Health Sciences Center at El Paso. Fort Bliss, ane o the lairgest militar complexes o the Unitit States Airmy, lees eastlins an noreast o the ceety, wi trainin auries stendin north intae New Mexico, up tae the White Sands Missile Range an neibourin Holloman Air Force Base in Alamogordo. El Paso is the first lairge ceety in the warld tae hae a spaceport in the vicinity. Spaceport Americae, that lees 89 mile frae El Paso, whaur there been the feenishin o several sonsie manned, suborbital flichts. The Franklin Muntains stend intae El Paso frae the north an naur divide the ceety intae twa sections; the wastren hauf fairms the beginnins o the Mesilla Valley, an the eastren slopes connect in the central business destrict at the sooth end o the muntain range.

Sister ceeties


El Paso, Texas haes these sister ceeties:

Sister Ceeties Internaitional leets na sister ceeties for El Paso on its wabsteid. This leetin, then, is independent o SCI.


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