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Edward Bruce, Yerl o Carrick (Norman French: Edward de Brus; Middle Erse: Edubard a Briuis; Modren Scots Gaelic: Eideard or Iomhair Bruis; c. 1280 – 14 October 1318), wis a younger brither o Robert the Bruce, Keeng o Scotland, an supportit his brither in the struggle for the Scots crown, then pursued his awn claims in Ireland. He wis proclaimed Heich Keeng o Ireland, but wis eventually defeatit an killed in battle bi John, Yerl o Louth.

Edubard a Briuis
Keeng o Ireland (disputit)
Ring 1315-1318
Predecessor Brian Ua Néill
Issue Alexander de Brus, Yerl o Carrick
Dynasty Hoose o Bruce
Faither Robert de Brus, 6t Laird o Annandale
Mither Marjorie, Coontess o Carrick