Edinburgh Zoo

Edinburgh Zoo, formally the Scottish National Zoological Park, is an 82-acre (33 ha) non-profit zoological pairk in Edinburgh, the caipital o Scotland.

Edinburgh Zoo
Logo of Edinburgh Zoo.svg
Date appent1913[1]
LocationEdinburgh, Scotland
Coordinates55°56′35″N 3°16′5″W / 55.94306°N 3.26806°W / 55.94306; -3.26806
Laund aurie82 acre (33 ha)[1]
No. o ainimals1075 (2008)[2]
No. o species171
Annual veesitors597,326 (2018)[3]
MembershipsBIAZA,[4] EAZA,[5] WAZA[6]
Major exhibitsGiant Pandas, Penguins, Koalas, Chimpanzees, Sun Bears

Edinburgh Zoo wis the first zoo in the warld tae hoose an tae breed penguins. It is an aw the anerly zoo in Breetain tae hoose koalas an giant pandas. The zoo is a member o the British and Irish Association of Zoos and Aquariums (BIAZA), the European Association o Zoos an Aquaria (EAZA), the Warld Association o Zoos an Aquariums (WAZA), an the Association o Scots Veesitor Attractions. It haes an aw been grantit fower starns bi the Scots Tourism Buird. The zoo gairdens blowsts ane o the maist diverse tree collections in the Lowdens.[7]


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