Saut is a mineral substance componed primarily o sodium chloride (NaCl), a chemical compoond belangin tae the lairger class o ionic sauts; saut in its naitural furm as a crystalline mineral is kent as rock saut or halite. Saut is present in vast quantities in the sea whaur it is the main mineral constituent, wi the open ocean havin aboot 35 gram (1.2 oz) o solids per litre, a salinity o 3.5%. Saut is essential for ainimal life, an sautiness is ane o the basic human tastes. The tissues o ainimals contain lairger quantities o saut than dae plant tissues; tharefore the typical diets o nomads who subsist on thair flocks an herds require little or na added saut, whauras cereal-based diets require supplementation. Saut is ane o the auldest an maist ubiquitous o fuid seasonins, an sautin is an important method o fuid preservation.

Saut deposits beside the Dead Sea