Duke o Queensberry

The teetle Duke o Queensberry wis creatit in the Peerage o Scotland on 3 Februar 1684 alang wi the subsidiary teetle Marquess o Dumfriesshire for the 1st Marquess o Queensberry.

Dukedom o Queensberry
held wi
Dukedom o Buccleuch
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Duke of Buccleuch arms.svg
Airms o the Dukes o Buccleuch, that hae held the teetle o Duke o Queensberry syne 1810
Creaution date3 Februar 1684[1]
MonarchCharles II
PeeragePeerage o Scotland
First hauderWilliam Douglas, 1st Marquess o Queensberry
Present hauderRichard Scott, 12t Duke
Heir apparentWalter Scott, Yerl o Dawkeith
Remainder taethe 2nt Duke's heirs o entail, male or female, descendit frae the bouk o the 1st Yerl o Queensberry
Subsidiary teetlesMarquess o Dumfriesshire
Yerl o Drumlanrig an Sanquhar
Viscoont o Nith, Tortholwald an Ross
Laird Douglas o Kilmount, Middlebie an Dornock
Seat(s)Bowhill House
Drumlanrig Castle
Dumfries and Galloway
Boughton House
Umwhile seat(s)Dalkeith Palace
Montagu House
Armorial mottoQueensberry: Forward
Buccleuch: Amo ("Ah luve")


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