Dragaš (Albanie: Dragash or Sharri; Bosnie: Dragaš; Serbie: Драгаш, Dragaš) is a toun an municipality in the Prizren destrict o soothren Kosovo. The population o the toun is approximately 33,584, that o the whole municipality is estimatit at 33,584 (2011).[1] It wis namit efter medieval Serbie laird Constantine Dragaš.[2]

Municipality an toun
Dragaš (Драгаш)
Official seal of Dragaš
Dragaš municipality athin the Destrict o Prizren
Dragaš municipality athin the Destrict o Prizren
Dragaš is located in Kosovo
Location o the toun o Dragaš in Kosovo
Coordinates: 42°03′N 20°39′E / 42.050°N 20.650°E / 42.050; 20.650
DestrictDestrict o Prizren
 • Total435 km2 (168 sq mi)
 • Total33,584 (municipality)
 • Density77.4/km2 (200/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+1 (CET)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+2 (CEST)
Postal code
Area code(s)+381
Caur plates04
WebsiteMunicipality of Dragaš



The Dragaš municipality wis creatit bi the Unitit Naitions Interim Admeenistration Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK) bi mergin the twa umwhile municipalities o Gora an Opolje.



The territory o the Dragaš municipality lees in the northren latitude o 41 52' 30" tae 42 09' 03" an langitude o 20 35' 39" tae 20 48' 26". The whole territory is surroondit by the Šar Mountains, then Koritnik Muntain, muntain Gjalic an Cylen in the direction o Prizren. Anerlie ane pairt o the territory in Prizren direction is hilly wi a relatively slicht slope bi which this territory is connectit wi Prizren basin an through Prizren wi the warld.



The municipality is split intae the regions Opoja an Gora, wi the Albanie population livin in Opoja an the Gorani population livin in Gora.

  • 1971 – 13,867 Albanies, 11,076 Gorani an Bosniaks – total 26,850
  • 1981 – 18,623 Albanies, 15,942 Gorani an Bosniaks – total 35,054
  • 1991 – 22,785 Albanies, 16,129 Gorani an Bosniaks – total 39,435

OSCE estimates say the follaein...[1]

  • Januar 1999 – 27,633 Albanies, 17,470 Gorani an Bosniaks – total 45,103
  • Mairch 2000 – 24,856 Albanies, 9,706 Gorani an Bosniaks – total 34,562
  • Januar 2006 – 22,800 Albanies (57.22%), 17,975 Gorani an Bosniaks (43.30%) – total 40,775

(Accordin tae census in 2011 thare is a significant Bosniak commonty in Dragaš, aroond 4,100 fowk.)



The main employers in the aurie are the Municipality, UNMIK polis, an private companies as “KUK Commerc”, “Meka” an umwhile state-awned enterprises.[1]

Aw major local companies wur umwhile state-run an, as elsewhare in Kosovo, are currently unner the responsibility o KTA. The oreeginal UNMIK strategy towards these public enterprises consistit o carryin oot a process o ‘commercialisation’. This process wis believit tae be the best wey tae revive the enterprises, although nae foreign investors decidit tae invest.[1]



The municipality is muntainous an tharefore haes relatit infrastructural problems (e.g. problematic access tae some veelages durin winter saison). Its infrastructur wis in a state o serious disrepair afore the war. Roads, in pairticular, (Zhur–Dragaš; Dragaš-Brod; Dragaš- Restelica) require urgent impruivement for the social-economic development o the aurie. Bus connections atween Dragaš toun an the Opoja aurie continue tae impruive an the services tae Gora are organisit bi the twa OSCE-SIMF buses donatit tae the municipality. There is a free schuil bus service providit bi the municipality alang Gora routes. Taxi services exist but are lairgely unaffordable for the population. OSCE through SIMF/ ECSF funds supportit the rehabilitation o the Heath Hoose an aw.

Mobile coverage is impruivin an aw. Watter supply is ensured in aw veelages.[1]



The emblem o Dragaš includes an image o the Šarplaninac dog.[3]



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