Diesel locomotive

Andrew Barclay diesel locomotive at Polmadie depot
Diesel locomotive in Nairobi (Kenyae)

A diesel locomotive is a teep o railwey locomotive in which the prime mover is a diesel ingine. Several teeps o diesel locomotive hae been developed, differing mainly bi transmission teep, i.e. the means bi which mechanical power is conveyed tae the drivin wheels.

Transmission teepsEedit


A diesel-mechanical locomotive uses a mechanical transmission in a fashion seemilar tae that employed in maist road vehicles. This teep o transmission is generally leemitit tae law-powered, law speed shunting locomotives, lightweight multiple units an self-propelled railcars.


Diesel-hydraulic locomotives uise ane or mair torque converters, in combination wi gears, wi a mechanical final drive tae convey the power frae the diesel ingine tae the wheels.


In a diesel-electric locomotive, the diesel ingine drives an electric generator the output o which provides power tae traction motors that drive the locomotive. Thare is no mechanical connection atween the diesel ingine an the wheels.