Dhaka Destrict

Dhaka Destrict (Bengali: ঢাকা জেলা, Dhaka Jela also Dhaka Zila) is a destrict locatit in central Bangladesh, an is the densest destrict in the naition. It is a pairt of the Dhaka Diveesion. Dhaka, the caipital o Bangladesh, rests on the eastren banks o the Buriganga River which flows frae the Turag tae the sooth o the destrict. While Dhaka (ceety corporation) occupees anerly aboot a fift o the aurie o Dhaka destrict, it is the economic, poleetical an cultural centre o the destrict an the kintra as a whole. Dhaka Destrict is a admeenistrative entity, an like mony ither ceeties, it does no cover the modren conurbation which is Greater Dhaka, which haes spilled intae neebourin destricts, nor does the conurbation cover the whole destrict, as thare are landwart auries athin the destrict.


ঢাকা জেলা
Location of Dhaka
Coordinates: 23°47′N 90°18′E / 23.79°N 90.30°E / 23.79; 90.30
Kintra Bangladesh
DiveesionDhaka Diveesion
 • Total1463.6 km2 (565.1 sq mi)
 • Total18,305,671
 • Rank1
 • Density13,000/km2 (32,000/sq mi)
ISO 3166-2


Dhaka Destrict shares borders wi Gazipur an Tangail tae the north, Munshiganj an Rajbari tae the sooth, Narayanganj tae the east an Manikganj tae the wast. Main rivers flowin throu this destrict are Padma, Kaliganga, Dhaleshwari, Ichamati, Shitalakshya, Buriganga an numerous smawer rivers includin Bangshi, Turag, Balu, Elamjani, Alam, Bherujkha, Ramkrishnadi, Elisamari, Tulsikhali. Major lochs ("beels") include Belai, Saldaher, Labandaher, Churain, Damsharan an Kiranjir Beel. Annual average temperatur o the destrict is maximum 34.5 °C, minimum 11.5 °C; average annual rainfaw 1931mm.[1]


The population o the diveesion reached 18,305,671 fowk as o Census 2012 revised figurs.[2] Some 9,852,835 males live in the ceety as o the 2012 census, for a sex ratio o 119. Syne the destrict is different frae Greater Dhaka, some 3.6 million fowk are classifee'd as landwart.[2] The destrict population grew at 4.73% annually ower the decade, an is hame tae 2,786,183 hoosehaulds.[2]


Admeenistrator o Zila Porishod: Hasina Doula [1]

Deputy Commissioner (DC): Md. Mohibul Haque [2] Archived 2011-12-22 at the Wayback Machine


The destrict does no cover aw pairts o Greater Dhaka, an Greater Dhaka does no include aw pairts o the destrict, which includes landwart auries. Dhaka wis established in 1772. The destrict consists o 46 upazilas/thanas, 86 unions, 974 mauzas, 1999 veelages, 1 Ceety Corporation, 92 Ceety Wairds, 855 Ceety Mahallas, 3 paurashavas, 27 wairds an 133 mahallas.[2]

The five upazilas in Dhaka destrict no pairt o the ceety are:

Dhaka haes twinty-twa thanas unner its jurisdiction. They are:

  • Badda (বাড্ডা থানা)
  • Biman Bandar (বিমান বন্দর থানা)
  • Cantonment (ক্যান্টনমেন্ট থানা)
  • Dhanmondi (ধানমন্ডি থানা)
  • Demra (ডেমরা থানা)
  • Kotwali (কোতয়ালী থানা)
  • Gulshan (গুলশান থানা)
  • Hazaribagh (হাজারীবাগ থানা)
  • Kafrul (কাফরুল থানা)
  • Kamringir Char (কামরাঙ্গীর চর থানা)
  • Khilgaon (খিলগাঁও থানা)
  • Lalbagh (লালবাগ থানা)
  • Mugda (মুগদা থানা)
  • Mirpur (মিরপুর থানা)
  • Mohammadpur (মোহাম্মদপুর থানা)
  • Motijheel (মতিঝিল থানা)
  • Pallabi (পল্লবী থানা)
  • Paltan
  • Ramna (রমনা থানা)
  • Sabujbagh (সবুজবাগ থানা)
  • Shyampur (শ্যামপুর থানা)
  • Sutrapur (সুত্রাপুর থানা)
  • Tejgaon (তেজগাঁও থানা)
  • Uttara (উত্তরা থানা)

The municipal aurie o Dhaka is unner the jurisdiction o the Dhaka City Corporation; for admeenistrative purposes, the municipal aurie is dividit intae 92 wairds.

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