Dennis Wardlow (born c. 1954) is a umwhile Mayor o Key West, Florida, haein servit on three separate occasions.

Dennis Wardlow
Prime Meenister o the Conch Republic
Assumed office
PresesPeter Anderson
Precedit biPosition Established
Mayor o Key West
In office
Precedit biTom Sawyer
Succeedit biSheila Mullins
In office
Precedit biTony Tarracino
Succeedit biTom Sawyer
In office
Precedit biCharles "Sonny" McCoy
Succeedit biRichard Heyman
Personal details

He is best kent for bein the Prime Meenister o the Conch Republic, the micronation that secedit frae the Unitit States on 23 Apryle 1982, in protest ower a United States Border Patrol blockade which severely damagit the tourism economy o the Florida Keys.

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