David Wayne

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David Wayne (1 Januar 1958 in Renton, Washington - 10 Mey 2005 in Tacoma, Washington) wis an American hivy metal sangster who played with baunds such as Metal Church an Reverend.

David Wayne
Born1 Januar 1958,
Renton, Washington
Deid10 Mey 2005 (agit 47),
Tacoma, Washington
GenresHivy metal
Thrash metal
Speed metal
Pouer metal
ThriftMuisicker, sangwriter
Years active1982–2005
Associate actsMetal Church


Frae 1982 tae 1988, Wayne appeared as vocalist on fower albums bi Metal Church. He wis influencit bi sangsters like Rob Halford an haes influenced sangsters like James Hetfield.

When he left the baund in 1988, Wayne formit Reverend, which remained active even efter his daith. His legacy as a vocalist is captured in Metal Church's anerlie live album, Live, recordit in 1986 in Texas while on tour wi Anthrax.

He startit a baund cried Wayne (or David Wayne's Metal Church) efter leavin Metal Church an joined ex Cradle of Filth guitarist Stuart Antsis in Bastardsun an aw.

Wayne dee'd on 10 Mey 2005 frae complications follaein a caur crash. Before joinin Metal Church, Wayne wis a US Army field medic.


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