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DVD is an optical disc storage format, invented an developed bi Philips, Sony, Toshiba, an Panasonic in 1995. DVDs offer heicher storage capacity than compact discs while havin the same dimensions.

DVD logo.svg
DVD-R bottom-side.jpg
DVD-R read/write side
Media teep Optical disc
Capacity 4.7 GB (single-sided, single-layer – common)
8.5–8.7 GB (single-sided, double-layer)
9.4 GB (double-sided, single-layer)
17.08 GB (double-sided, double-layer – rare)
Read mechanism 650 nm laser, 10.5 Mbit/s (1×)
Write mechanism 10.5 Mbit/s (1×)
Staundart DVD Forum's DVD Beuks[1][2][3]
an DVD+RW Alliance specifications
Wicht 16g[4]

Pre-recordit DVDs are mass-produced uisin mauldin machines that pheesically stamp data ontae the DVD. Sic discs are kent as DVD-ROM, acause data can anly be read an nae written nor erased. Blank recordable DVD discs (DVD-R an DVD+R) can be recordit ance uisin a DVD recorder an then function as a DVD-ROM. Rewritable DVDs (DVD-RW, DVD+RW, an DVD-RAM) can be recordit an erased multiple times.

DVDs are uised in DVD-Video consumer digital video format an in DVD-Audio consumer deegital audio format, as well as for authorin AVCHD discs. DVDs containin ither types o information mey be referred tae as DVD data discs.


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