Colin Campbell, 1st Yerl o Argyll

Colin Campbell, 1st Yerl o Argyll (ca. 1433 – d. 10 Mey 1493), wis a medieval Scots nobleman, peer, an politeecian. He wis the son o Archibald Campbell, Master o Campbell an Elizabeth Somerville. He haed the sobriquet Colin Mulle, Bold Earl Colin.[1]

Colin Campbell
Arms of Campbell, Duke of Argyll.svg
Airms o Colin Campbell, 1st Yerl o Argyll an Laird o Lorne (frae c.1470)
Bornca. 1433
Dee'd10 Mey 1493
TeetleYerl o Argyll
Tenur1457 – 10 Mey 1493
Ither teetlesLaird Lorne
2nt Laird Campbell
ResidenceCastle Campbell
PredecessorDuncan Campbell, 1st Laird Campbell
SuccessorArchibald Campbell, 2nt Yerl o Argyll
Spoose(s)Isabel Stewart
IssueArchibald Campbell, 2nt Yerl o Argyll
Hon. Thomas Campbell
Margaret Campbell, Lady Seton
Isabel Campbell-Drummond
Helen Campbell, Coontess o Eglinton
Elizabeth Campbell, Leddy Oliphant
Mary Campbell-MacDonald
Agnes Campbell
Catharine Campbell-MacLeod
ParentsArchibald Campbell, Master o Campbell
Elizabeth Somerville


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