Club León, (simply kent as León) is a Mexican professional fitbaw club based in the ceety o León, in the state o Guanajuato, Mexico that plays in the top-tier league Liga MX.

Full nameClub León F.C.
Nickname(s)Los Panzas Verdes (The Green Bellies)
La Fiera (The Beast)
El León (The Lion)
Los Esmeraldas (The Emeralds)
Foondit20 August 1944
GroundEstadio León
León, Guanajuato, Mexico
Ground Capacity33,943[1]
AwnerGrupo Pachuca
Grupo Carso
ChairmanJesús Martínez Murguia
ManagerJuan Antonio Pizzi
LeagueLiga MX
Clausura 2014Champion (8t in General Table)

León haes wan the Primera División title seiven times, in 1948, 1949, 1952, 1956, 1992, Apertura 2013 an Clausura 2014. They became the first Mexican "Campeonísimo" (winner o the League an the México Cup in the same year) in 1949. In 1993 León wis the CONCACAF Champions' Cup runner-up, luisin the feenal match against Deportivo Saprissa, o Costa Rica, in ane o the greatest upsets amang the defeats in the club's history.

León is rankit 29t in the IFFHS Central an North Americae's best clubs o the 20t century.[2]






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Full list published by IFFHS on 8 October 2009

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