Citroën (French pronunciation: ​[sitʁoˈɛn]) is a major French automobile manufacturer, pairt o the Groupe PSA group.

Automobiles Citroen S.A.
Société Anonyme
FoonditParis, Fraunce (1919)
FoonderAndré Citroën
HeidquartersSaint-Ouen[1], Fraunce
Area served
Key fowk
Frédéric Saint Geours, Director
Production ootpit
1,435,688 vehicles (2011)
Nummer o employees
ParentGroupe PSA

Foondit in 1919 bi André-Gustave Citroën, Citroën wis the first mass-production caur company ootside o the USA an pioneered the modren concept o creatin a sales an services network that complement the motor caur.

Athin aicht years Citroën haed become Europe’s lairgest caur manufacturer, an the 4t lairgest in the warld.

Citroën earned a reputation for innovation an revolutionar ingineerin, which is reflectit in the company’s slogan “Créative Technologie”. Its history o innovation began wi its foondin when (as noted abuin), André-Gustave Citroën introduced the first industrial mass production o a vehicles ootside the Unitit States (a technique he developed mass-producin armaments for the French military in Warld War I). In 1924, Citroën produced Europe’s first aw-steel-bodied caur, the B-10..[3] In 1934, Citroën secured its reputation for innovation wi its Traction Avant no ae the warld’s first mass-produced front-wheel drive caur, but an aa ane o the first caurs tae feature monocoque-type body.[4] In 1954 Citroën produced the warld's first hydropneumatic self-levellin suspension system, then in 1955 the revolutionary Citroën DS, the first European production caur wi disc brakes. In 1967, Citroën introduced the first swivelin heidlichts in several models, allawin for greater visibility on windin roads.

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