Chaharmahal an Bakhtiari Province

Chaharmahal an Bakhtiari Province (Persie: استان چهارمحال و بختیاری‎, Ostān-e Chahār-Mahāl-o Bakhtiyārī ) is ane o the 31 provinces o Iran. It lies in the soothwastren pairt o the kintra. Its caipital is Shahrekord.

Location o Chahar Mahaal an Bakhtiari athin Iran

It haes an aurie o 16,332 square kilometers an a population o 842,000 (2005 estimate).

Admeenistrative diveesionsEedit

Counties (Shahrestans)Eedit

Cairt Shahrestan
Destrict Center
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Ardal Central Ardal
Miankooh Sarkhun
Boroojen Central Boroojen
Boldaji Boldaji
Gandoman Gandoman
Farsan Central Farsan
Koohrang Central Chelgerd
Bazaft Chaman-Goli
Lordegan Central Lordegan
Falard Mal-e Khalifeh
Khanmirza Aluni
Manj Manj
Shahr-e Kord Central Shahr-e Kord
Ben Ben
Kiar Shalamzar
Laran Soureshjan
Saman Saman

Ceeties an tounsEedit


The province is mainly active in the agricultur sector. Maist o the industrial sector is clustered aroond the centre o the province.

The province haes the potential tae acome a vibrant tourist attraction acause o its naitural resoorces.[1]

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