Central Ostrobothnie

Central Ostrobothnie (Finnish: Keski-Pohjanmaa; Swadish: Mellersta Österbotten) is a region in Finland. It borders tae the regions Ostrobothnie, Northren Ostrobothnie, Central Finland, Soothren Ostrobothnie.

Central Ostrobothnia on a map of Finland

Historical provinces eedit

For History, Geography an Cultur see: Ostrobothnie

Regional cooncil eedit

Main airticle: Central Ostrobothnia Regional Council

Municipalities eedit

Main airticle: Municipalities o Central Ostrobothnie

There are aicht municipalities in Central Ostrobothnie. Ceeties an touns are marked in bauld.

Heraldry eedit

Freemit airtins eedit

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Coordinates: 63°30′N 24°15′E / 63.500°N 24.250°E / 63.500; 24.250