Cara Dillon

Cara Dillon (born 21 Julie 1975 in Dungiven, Coonty Lunnonderry, Northren Ireland) is a fowk sangster frae Dungiven in Northren Irland. In the twa albums she haes pit oot up til nou (Cara Dillon an Sweet Liberty), she haes gien a wheen o auld Irish an Scots sangs, sic as Black is the Colour, Craigie Hill an Donald of Glencoe, a spleet-new gaun ower in her ain saft lilt.

Cara Dillon picter wi a hoose in the backgrund

Cara is mairit on Sam Lakeman (that's her producer forby). The couple live in Frome wi their three childer, twin sons (born 17 November 2006) an a dochter (born 12 October 2010).

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