Brønderslev is a toun wi a population o 11,895 (1 Januar 2012).[1] It is the municipal seat o Brønderslev Municipality, Vendsyssel in the North Denmark Region, the northmaist pairt o the Jutland peninsulae in northren Denmark.

Hotel Phønix - Brønderslev
Street in Brønderslev

The name o the toun is derived frae a local viking chief, Brunder.

Ane o its sister ceeties is Nässjö, Swaden.


  1. BEF44: Population 1st January,by urban areas database from Statistics Denmark

Coordinates: 57°16′N 9°58′E / 57.267°N 9.967°E / 57.267; 9.967 Template:Municipal seats o Denmark