A bouk o watter or watterbouk[1] (eften spelled watter bouk) is ony signeeficant accumulation o watter, generally on a planet's surface. The term bouk o watter maist eften refers tae muckle accumulations o watter, sic as oceans, seas, an lochs, but it includes smawer puils o watter sic as ponds, wetlands, or mair rarely, puddles. A bouk o watter daes nae hae tae be still or contained; Rivers, streams, canals, an ither geografical features whaur watter muives frae ane place tae anither are considered bouks o watter an aw.[2]

A fjord (Lysefjord) in Norawa

Maist are naiturally occurrin geographical featurs, but some are man-made (airtificial). Thare are teeps that can be aither. For ensaumple, maist reservoirs are creatit bi ingineerin dams, but some naitural lochs are uised as reservoirs. Similarly, maist harbors are naiturally occurrin bays, but some harbors hae been creatit throu construction.

Bouks o watter that are navigable are kent as watterweys. Some bodies o watter collect an muive watter, sic as rivers an streams, an ithers primarily hauld watter, sic as lochs an oceans.

The term bouk o watter can refer tae a reservoir o watter held bi a plant an aw, technically kent as a phytotelma.


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