Black Mark Productions

Black Mark Productions is an independent record label based in Swaden an an office in Germany that specializes in extreme metal releases, aiblins best kent for its close connection tae Quorthon, leader o the definin hivy metal baund Bathory till his daith in 2004. As Quorthon hissel haes statit several times, it wis aften speculatit that he haed something tae dae wi the business an operation o Black Mark Productions, except for the concept an name o the label, which wad be referencit in the title o the 1987 release Under the Sign of the Black Mark.[1] Quorthon receivit permission frae the Tyfon Grammofon label - which wis awned bi Börje "Boss" Forsberg an o course featurt Bathory - tae uise his ain proxy-label on aw Bathory albums stairtin wi the sel-titled debut album frae 1984, but the label wisna foondit as a separate entity afore 1991.[1] Who did foond it remains disputit, but mony pynt tae Boss Forsberg.

Black Mark Productions
Distributor(s)Relapse Records (US)
GenreHivy metal, extreme metal
Kintra o oreeginSwaden
LocationBruzaholm, Swaden

A North American office wis in operation oot o Toronto for several years beginnin in 1995 an aw, which Quorthon an Boss jointly visitit. The label is currently awned bi Boss Forsberg, who haes receivit numerous production credits frae baunds on the label. Ither employees are Quorthon's brither an sister, who act as managers o promotion an production.

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