Birkenhead is a toon wi-in the Metropolitan Borough o Wirral in Merseyside, Inglan. Historically in Cheshire, it is on the Wirral Peninsula, alang the wast bank o the River Mersey, opposite the city o Liverpull. The Birkenhead Urban Airie[1] definit as the contiguous biggit-up airie alang the eritern side o the Wirrai had a total population of 325,264 in the 2011 Census.[2] In the 2011 census, the Parliamentary constituency o Birkenhead had a population o 88,818. The Birkenhead an Tranmere electoral ward, coverin a smaaer airie, had a population o 15,879.[3]

Birkenhead railwey station wis the northren terminus o the Chester and Birkenhead Railwey. The station wis appent in 1840, an closed tae passengers in 1844 but the site remeened in uise for guids till the 1970s.

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