Belgian horse

The Belgian horse or Belgian draucht horse, kent as Belgian Hivy Horse, Brabançon,[2] or Brabant forby, is a draucht horse breed frae the Brabant region o modren Belgium, whaur it is cried the Cheval de trait belge or Flemish: Belgisch Trekpaard or Brabants Trekpaard or Brabander.

Belgian draucht horse
Ither namesBrabants trekpaard
Cheval de trait belge
Belgian Heavy Draft
Belgisch Trekpaard
Kintra o oreeginBelgium
Distinguishin featursMale hicht, average: 168 cm[1]
Female hicht, average: 164 cm[1]
Male wecht, average: 900 kg[1]
Female wecht, average: 700 kg[1]


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