Banner o North Vietnam

The banner o North Vietnam, kent as "Red flag wi Yellow star" an aw, wis adoptit as the Naitional banner o the Democratic Republic o Vietnam (North Vietnam) on November 30, 1955. It became the national banner o Vietnam follaein reunification wi Sooth Vietnam on Julie 2, 1976.

After 1955 flag

The flag wis designed bi Nguyễn Hữu Tiến, a communist revolutionary o the 1940 Cochinchina Uprising ("Nam Kỳ Khởi nghĩa") against French colonialism, when the banner wis seen on the first time. The uprising failed, and Tiến wis arrestit an executit alang wi ither leaders o the uprising.

The Western heraldric blazon is Gules, a mullet Or.

1945–1955 flag

The banner o the Democratic Republic o Vietnam (the Viet Minh-controlled auries in Northren an Soothren Vietnam an later o juist North Vietnam) in the period of 1945–1955 wis similar tae the current banner o Vietnam but wi the points o the star set at a mair obtuse angle.

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