Banner o Caithness

The Caithness banner is the banner fur the Caithness coonty. It wis pitten on the Banner Institute as the offeecial banner fur the coonty in 2016.[1] The banner wis first shawn bi the Laird Lyon, Dr Joseph Morrow, at a ceremony in Caithness Hoose, Wick on the 26 Januar 2016. The Nordic ruid design is fur the auncient ties wi the county tae the Vikings.[2] The black is a thrawback tae the county's geology wi the famous Caithness flagstone, whaurbyes the gowd an blue is fur the beaches an sea respective-like, shawin the maritime naitur o the coonty and its heritage. The tradeetional emblem fur Caithness, a galley, is pitten ontae the first quarter, wi a corbie pitten on its sail as it is shawn in the coonty's cievic airms.

Adoptit26 Januar 2016
DesignSable, a Nordic ruid Azure fimbriated Or, an on a canton a galley proper Or chairged wi a corbie sable

References eedit

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