Banfield, Buenos Aires

ceety in the province o Buenos Aires in Argentinae

Banfield is a ceety in the Lomas de Zamora Partido in Buenos Aires Province, Argentinae, 14 km (9 mi) sooth o the centre o Buenos Aires. It fuirms pairt o the Greater Buenos Aires metro aurie.

The corner o Hipólito Yrigoyen Ave. an French St.
The corner o Hipólito Yrigoyen Ave. an French St.
Banfield is located in Greater Buenos Aires
Coordinates: 34°45′S 58°23′W / 34.750°S 58.383°W / -34.750; -58.383Coordinates: 34°45′S 58°23′W / 34.750°S 58.383°W / -34.750; -58.383
Kintra Argentinae
Province Buenos Aires
PartidoLomas de Zamora
16 m (52 ft)
 (2001 census [INDEC])
 • Total223,898
 • Density7851/km2 (20,330/sq mi)
CPA Base
B 1828
Area code(s)+54 11

History eedit

In 1873 Banfield railwey station, namit efter the Inglisman Edward Banfield, the first general manager o the Breetish-awned Buenos Aires Great Southern Railway (Spaingie: Ferrocarril del Sud), wis opened. On 19 August 1873, the first plots o land in the aurie wur advertisit for sale an extensive development teuk place frae the 1880s onwairds.

Sports eedit

The ceety is hame tae Club Atlético Banfield fitbaa club foondit in 1896, an tae the Lomas Athletic Sports Club.

Cultur eedit

Banfield railwey station.
Larroque avenue.

Aiblins Banfield's maist significant cultural insitituion is its Julián Aguirre Conservatory o Muisic, foondit bi renoun clessical componer an conductor Alberto Ginastera, in 1951.

Hostin aboot 2,000 students yearly, it is the maist important schuil o clessical an choral muisic in Argentinae an is the alma mater o muisical instructors an scholars throuoot the kintra an Laitin Americae.

The writer Julio Cortázar, tho born in Belgium, spent hintle o his bairnheid in Banfield. Banfield wis hame o the renouned tango componer Alfredo De Angelis an the popular sangster Sandro an aw.

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