Balthasar Carlos, Prince o Asturies

Airchduke Balthasar Carlos o Austrick, Prince o Asturies (17 October 1629 – 9 October 1646) wis a member o the Spaingie branch o the Hoose o Habsburg an wis the kent as the Prince o Asturies. He wis the eldest son o Keeng Philip IV o Spain an his wife Elisabeth o Fraunce. As sic, he wife a brither-in-law tae Louis XIV o Fraunce (Louis XIV mairit Maria Theresa o Austrick) As the eldest son o the King o Spain. He wis the heir tae the vast dominions o the Spaingie empire. He died o smallpox in 1646. His ither titles included Prince o Girona, Duke o Montblanc, Count o Cervera, an Lord o Balaguer, Prince o Viana. He wis an aa the subject o several pentins bi Diego Velázquez, lik his sister Maria Theresa.

Balthasar Carlos o Austrick
Prince o Asturies
Prince o Portugal
Prince Balthasar Carlos bi Martínez del Mazo, (c 1642)
Born17 October 1629(1629-10-17)
Madrid, Spain
Dee'd9 October 1646(1646-10-09) (aged 16)
Zaragoza, Spain
Full name
Baltasar Carlos de Austria y Borbón
HooseHabsburgs o Spain
FaitherPhilip IV o Spain
MitherElisabeth o Fraunce
ReleegionRoman Catholicism

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