(Reguidit frae Ba’athism)

Ba'athism is an Arab naitionalist ideology that promotes the development an creation o an Arab naition through the leadership o a vanguard pairty ower a progressive revolutionary state. The ideology is offeecially based on the theories o Zaki al-Arsuzi, Michel Aflaq an Salah al-Din al-Bitar. A Ba'athist society seeks enlichtenment, renaissance an rebirth o Arab cultur, values an society. It supports the creation o single-pairty states, an rejects poleetical pluralism in an unspecifeed length o time – the Ba'ath party theoretically uises an unspecified amoont o time tae develop an enlichtened Arabic society. The twa Ba'athist states which hae been in existence (Iraq an Sirie), through a policy o authoritarianism, forbid opposition an creeticism o their ideology. Through the policy o democratic centralism, the Ba'ath pairty is the supreme poleetical institution o a Ba'athist state.

Ba'athism is based on principles o Arab nationalism, pan-Arabism, Arab socialism, as well as social progress. It is a secular ideology. A Ba'athist state supports socialist economics to a varying degree. It supports public awnership ower pairts o the economy but opposes the confiscation o private property. Socialism in Ba'athist ideology does no mean state socialism or economic equality, but modrenisation; the anerlie wey tae develop an Arab society which is truly free an unitit is bi creatin a socialist society first.