Australian Fossil Mammal Steids (Riversleigh/Naracoorte)

The Australian Fossil Mammal Sites is the UNESCO Warld Heritage Steid in Queensland an Sooth Australie.[1]

The UNESCO leetin is for twa separate auries whaur fossils frae the Cenozoic period hae been foond. Riversleigh is in the north wast corner o Queensland an Naracoorte is in the sooth east corner o Sooth Australie. The Riversleigh steid is pairt o the Lawn Hill Naitional Pairk.

The steids are important for thair extinct marsupials. The fossils shaw the evolution omammals in Australie ower the last 20 million years. The Naracoorte steid is pairt o the Naracoorte Caves Naitional Pairk. Its fossils shaw the wey marsupials adaptit tae the great climate changes that hae affectit the warld ower the last 170,000 years.


Ether wabsteidsEedit

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