Asterix (baund)

Asterix wur a German rock group whose members wad later go on tae chynge thair name an form the first line-up o Lucifer's Friend. Durin the baund's short-livit time unner this name thay recordit ane album in 1970 an released the single "Everybody".[1] Heavy metal jurnalist, Ian Christe, notit the group as a ane o the, "Forgotten strains o proto metal."[2]

OreiginHamburg, Germany
GenresHard rock
Years active1970
Associate actsLucifer's Friend
Past membersJohn Lawton
Peter Hesslein
Peter Hacht
Dieter Horns
Joahchim Rietenbach

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  2. Christe (2003), pg. 14, "Forgotten strains of proto metal swelled arrogantly in the music of the Asterix, Titanic (from Norway), Lucifer's Friend (from England and Germany), heavy Kraut rockers Guru Guru, the haunting May Blitz (also on the Vertigo label), Master's Apprentices (from Australia), Captain Beyond (formed by members of Deep Purple and Iron Butterfly), Bang, the relatively gentle Armageddon, the morbid Texas group Bloodrock, Britain's long-running Budgie, and the Tony Iommi produced Necromandus."