Assemmly leid

(Reguidit frae Assembly leid)

An assemmly leid is a low-level programmin leid uised for a computer, or ither programmable machine, whaur there is a muckle strang (aften ane-tae-ane) correspondence atween the leid an the machine code an the computer airchitectur instructions. It is sometimes cried symbolic machine code an aw.

Motorola 6800 Assembly Language.png

In computer programmin, an assembly leid, is any low-level programmin leid whaur there is a muckle strang correspondence (aften ane-tae-ane) atween the instructions in the leid and the instructions o the machine code for that airchitectur. Assembly depends on the machine code instructions, sae aw assemblers hae thair ain assembly language that is designed for exactly ane specific computer architectur.