Anders Celsius (27 November 1701 – 25 Aprile 1744) wis a Swadish astronomer, pheesicist an mathematician. He wis professor o astronomy at Uppsala Varsity frae 1730 tae 1744, but traveled frae 1732 tae 1735 veesitin notable observatories in Germany, Italy an Fraunce. He foondit the Uppsala Astronomical Observatory in 1741, an in 1742 proponed the Celsius temperatur scale which bears his name.

Anders Celsius
Anders Celsius
Born27 November 1701(1701-11-27)
Uppsala, Swaden
Dee'd25 Apryle 1744(1744-04-25) (aged 42)
Uppsala, Swaden
Alma materUppsala Varsity
Kent forCelsius
Scientific career
FieldsAstronomy, Pheesics, Mathematics, Geology