Algy Ward

English guitarist

Alasdair Mackie "Algy" Ward (born 11 Julie 1959, in Croydon, Surrey; deed 17 Mey 2023) wis an Inglis rock bass guitarist an sangster.[1]



He wis first active as a member o the Australie punk baund The Saints (playin on their seicont an third albums Eternally Yours an Prehistoric Sounds) afore joinin Breetish group The Damned an playin on Machine Gun Etiquette (1979). He plays on Live at the Moonlight Club (The School Bullies) an aw.

Ward foondit an frontit the seminal New Wave o Breetish Hivy Metal ootfit Tank till he retired in 2010.

Algy an his less-famous brither Iain (a roadie wi Motörhead, The Undertones an The Ramones for years) baith lived in Kent.


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