Alfragide (Portuguese pronunciation: [aɫfɾɐˈʒidɨ]) is a pairish in the municipality o Amadora, wi 1.35 square kilometres o aurie an 8,739 inhabitants (2001). Density: 6 478.1 km ².

Its patron Oor Lady o Fatima.

In the extreme sooth o the pairish is locatit in the first IKEA store in Portugal as pairt o a major shoppin auries o Lisbon. This shoppin aurie extends tae the pairishes o Buraca an aw an, specially, Carnaxide (Oeiras).

Coordinates: 38°44′02″N 9°13′05″W / 38.734°N 9.218°W / 38.734; -9.218