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Location o Alborz athin Iran

Alborz Province (Persie: استان البرز‎, Ostan-e Alborz ) is ane o the 31 provinces o Iran, centered in Karaj.[1]

Alborz Province wis formed bi diveesion o Tehran Province intae twa provinces, efter the Parliamentary appruival on Juin 23, 2010, an wis introduced as 31st province o Iran.[1]

Situatin in northwast o Tehran, it haes 4 coonties, Karaj, Savojbolagh, Taleghan an Nazarabad.[2] Karaj as it's seat,[1] is situatit 20 km wast o Tehran, at the fuithills o the Alborz muntains, bein the fowert-lairgest ceety in Iran efter Tehran, Mashhad, an Isfahan.[3]

Alborz Province is the smawest province o Iran